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Need a formula for tracking the work

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    Need a formula for tracking the work

    HI everyone,

    i have a process tracking google sheet. i made a download of that. but formulas are not downloading from that google sheet. so i am giving the link of file here and my question is also in the sheet.


    Moderator's note:

    Also, please post your question, do not simply say that the "question is in the sheet." Here is your question:

    This is a work tracking file. In which there are two formula. First formula range is l14:el14.
    And second formula is from cell en14. By both of formulas i am able to track daily monthly and weekly work.

    But my query is that how to track that work which has to be done only three days in a week.
    For example. I have a work which has to be done only on wed-thu-sat. Then what will be the formula. If someone can adjust the formula. I will be very obliged to him/her.

    Also, I have moved your thread from Excel Formulas & Functions.

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