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How can I open an excel file in Mac (I use numbers)

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    None. I use Numbers in MAC

    How can I open an excel file in Mac (I use numbers)

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your help.... I'm working on an excel file that was sent to me to introduce data. This excel file contains many formulas to track the data I have to introduce and let me know the results of that data over time, with a "journey tab" where I can see the process on a graphic and average data, etc... Each day I have to introduce (yes/no) data on complexion of activities (around 30+ right now but adding more in the near future)

    I work with Mac and Numbers... When the excel file was sent, and I opened it, The excel file was converted to Numbers format and a message came up telling me that some formulas has been replaced/deleted... The result is I can introduce the data (yes/no) but it doesn't go anywhere, so the formulas at not working giving me errors messages...

    Is there anyway to solve this issue? The person who sent the excel file to me has tried to saved on his end the file on different excel formats (xlsx, xldx, dos, xls, xls, xlt) and send it to me... but the problem persists... I'm hoping there is a solution

    Thank you so much in advance

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    Re: How can I open an excel file in Mac (I use numbers)

    Numbers is rubbish. Even people at Apple use Excel. Is it possible for you to get Excel? If not, I'm not sure there is much you can do to keep compatibility.
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