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Lookup ID and if cell in row contains something show the title of that column

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    Question Lookup ID and if cell in row contains something show the title of that column

    Firstly, I hope I'm posting this in the right place but I have a formula I'm struggling to build in Google Sheets. I think it's a combination of LOOKUP and IF functions but I'm not sure how to execute it.

    The link to the sheet is attached.

    What I'm trying to do is lookup product IDs from a supplier and use that to find the product's allergens, which are then combined in my Catalog sheet.


    Sheet - Catalog
    Cell - K2

    LOOKUP the 'sku' (A2) in 'All Products' sheet & IF "Does Contain" is visible in 'All Products' O3:Y3 show 'All Products' O2:Y2 seperated by comma

    Result in K2 would look like: Sesame,Soya,Nuts

    Idealy this would be possible as an array so that it then copied down for all products added to the 'All Products' sheet in the future.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Re: Lookup ID and if cell in row contains something show the title of that column

    This sort of concatenation is a very common request and is usually solved via VBA as it usually consists of an increasing number of columns, but as you have a fixed number of Allergens (16 columns O to Y - and hopefully this will not increase) it is possible to solve it via a formula. However, I can only see a formula being possible by using 16 IFs, one behind the other in one formula resulting in a value from O2:Y2 or a null which is not very practical e.g.

    IF(INDEX(O3:Y3,MATCH(A2,'All products!A$3:A$2000,0),1)="Does Contain", INDEX(O2:Y2,MATCH(A2,'All products!A$3:A$2000,0),1)&",","")&
    IF(INDEX(O3:Y3,MATCH(A2,'All products!A$3:A$2000,0),2)="Does Contain", INDEX(O2:Y2,MATCH(A2,'All products!A$3:A$2000,0),2)&",","")&
    IF(INDEX(O3:Y3,MATCH(A2,'All products!A$3:A$2000,0),3)="Does Contain", INDEX(O2:Y2,MATCH(A2,'All products!A$3:A$2000,0),3)&",","")&
    for 16 columns

    Then remove the rightmost comma of the result so you dont have "Sesame, Soya, Nuts,"

    Cant see an easy way of doing this via formulas.
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