Hi everyone,

My first post here

I'm a project manager and am trying to create a quick overview of all my projects in Google Sheets.

The main tab, "Overview", will simply list the project and the next delivery/due date. All other tabs in the sheet are dedicated to a project; it's these tabs that I will be regularly updating. Each tab has a "due date" column, and the adjacent column titled "Completed?" has a checklist for when that delivery has been completed; see image below. In the main "Overview" tab, I currently have the =min formula to look up the earliest due date for the corresponding project. The problem is that it will always show the earliest due date, even if that date has passed; what I'm really looking for is "next due date". Is there a way I can set up a formula that looks for the earliest due date but excludes all those whose have the checkbox ticked in the adjacent "Completed?" column? I'm trying to avoid having to delete the earlier due date entries as I want to keep records of everything that I have done and I want to keep sheet maintenance to a minimum.

Image 1.JPG

Looking forward to your responses.

Many thanks