I have two functions in my Google Sheet script which are each triggered by means of a checkbox (since Google Sheets on mobile can't use images as buttons). They work on PC (rather slowly), but on tablets, they tend to fail more often than not, which then also affects PC users.

The script is set up to perform an onEdit check of two checkbox cells. If the checkbox in cell C3 is checked, the AUTOFILL function should run (which displays the A cell value of the last row on the Info sheet plus 1 in cell C4 of the Data Entry sheet, and then clears the checkbox), and if the checkbox in cell C12 is checked, the SUBMIT function should run (which takes the range of data entered on the Data Entry sheet and updates an existing row/adds a new row on the Data sheet with the information from the Data Entry sheet, adding a timestamp if cell C11 on the Data Entry sheet contains the word 'CLEANED', and then clears the checkbox).

I've tried experimenting with various WIFI signal strengths and more powerful tablets, but I am unable to pinpoint the exact culprit here - sometimes this will run, most often the checkbox will just remain checked and nothing happens. Laptops and desktop computers all seem to run, but if a tablet tries to run and fails, the computers will sometimes not run either, until I go into the script itself and manually force once of the functions to run, which seems to reset things and lets the computers work again.

Is it because of the processing required in order to run this code? I've tried to optimize it as much as possible, but is there something else that I might change here which would make this work, every time?

Here is the example sheet, and here is the script:

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