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How can I block "insert row" to everyone using the sheet?

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    How can I block "insert row" to everyone using the sheet?

    I have a public sheet that uses a lot of formatting and formulas to make things run, I'm running into an issue where people keep inserting rows instead of adding inputs in the specified place, I have tried big bold red DO NOT INSERT ROWS notifications but since it's a public sheet with anonymous users I seem to actually need a way to block that action completly.

    I am using google docs, so the protection options seem to be limited.

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    Re: How can I block "insert row" to everyone using the sheet?

    I figure you may need to ask this in Reddit's subreddit for Google Sheets, https://www.reddit.com/r/googlesheets/, or Google's own support site https://support.google.com/docs/community?hl=en.

    ADDED: To be more complete, Google Sheets provides a way to lock worksheets, but it's not the same as in Excel. You'd need to specify all the ranges in a worksheet which users could modify, then lock the worksheet. I haven't tried to do this in Google Sheets, but if its anything like Excel, protecting worksheets will disable some functionality such as sorting ranges, using filters, maybe other things.
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