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Auto delete cell info after fixed time period

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    Auto delete cell info after fixed time period

    Hey everyone,

    My first post here, I would like to say that I am by no means a programming well.. anything and that I have really tried to sort this out myself but I am now truly lost.

    We run a school and are trying to develop an easy to follow task completion system for our staff to follow. I've checked out paid options like Monday.com, Asana etc but they are both expensive and more complicated than what our needs dictate.

    I therefore created a google sheet, (I tried to add in the shared link here but the forum wont let me post it as I'm a new member, I have therefore added in a pic) using one of the templates available from Google. I've created a separate one for each of our staff membersand its more or less perfect. We protect all the ranges with the exception of the little tick boxes and it's easy to track and see who's done what and when as they (the sheets) are obviously centrally located on Google and can be pinned in a browser or downloaded as mobile screen shortcut. My only issue is creating tasks that need to be repeated on a regular bases ie, a weekly task that has to happen every Monday. Going through each sheet to untick each task for each staff member has become very time consuming. I've done a fair amount of research and tried my hand at setting up the macros etc but keep on screwing it all up.

    I'd like to know if there is a way I can just get the 'ticks' in the completed tasks to clear at preset intervals? I know its possibly to do it daily. I have a new tab allocated at the bottom of the sheet for each type of interval (daily, weekly, monthly). The general tab is there for once off tasks that need to be completed.

    Can any one help or advise me on how to set up the above system? I'd be most grateful, I did go through the following thread but got pretty lost (won't let me post as I'm a new member).

    Many thanks,
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