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Matching System for Dating Application

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    Matching System for Dating Application

    Hi Guys,

    I need to create a complex matching system on GSHEET (or Excel) for something similar to a dating application. Profiles and criteria are entered via a Google Form. The table below might give a rough idea of the sort of rules I need to create:

    Person 1 Profile Person 2 Profile Criteria set by 1+2 (match both ways)
    Postcode Postcode Distance
    Date of Birth Date of Birth Minimum Age, Maximum Age
    Specification 1 (Options A-Z) Specification 1 (Options A-Z) Criteria 1 (Options A-Z)
    4 sets of specifications in separate columns (Options A-Z x4) 4 sets of specifications in separate columns (Options A-Z x4) Criteria 2 (Options A-Z)

    I can post more details if needed. Any indicators on where to start will help.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Matching System for Dating Application

    Administrative Note:

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    Please take a moment to amend your thread title. Make sure that the title properly explains your request. Your title should be explicit and not be generic (this includes function names used without an indication of what you are trying to achieve).

    Please see Forum Rule #1 about proper thread titles and adjust accordingly. To edit the thread title, open the original post to edit and then click on Go Advanced (bottom right) to access the area where you can edit your title.

    (Note: this change is not optional. No help to be offered until this moderation request has been fulfilled.)

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    Ben Van Johnson

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