i have a google sheet file which contains details of cutting-stitching & packed fabric in sheet 1. in sheet 4 i was trying to compare all the three reports weekly(cutting-stiching & fabric). but i couldn't find the right way to compare that data. filter is also not working in sheet4! B:B.

so now i have created sheet 3. in which cell A1:AO6 are weekly tabs fetched from sheet4 column B. i want that when we click on any date tab cell the report should be automatically generated. i want an script or whatever that can fill my requirement.

for example: if we click on B1 the report is below(manually copy-paste by me).

please take whole B column of sheet4 for making date tabs. because i have to add more data of coming days in this sheet. if sheet 4 is not compatible then consider sheet 1. only i need weekly report according to date tabs. as i don't know anything about script so please make sheet click & run.

really waiting to see that can my idea work. here is the link of file.