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Excel MAC: Cannot record a personal Macro

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    Excel MAC: Cannot record a personal Macro

    As in the screenshot attached it tells me:

    "Personal Macro Workbook in the startup folder must stay open for recording" and "Unable to record"

    I tried to click the View --> Unhide but it is greyed out

    All the help online is for Excel windows. I use excel MAC 365 version 16.61

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    Re: Excel MAC: Cannot record a personal Macro

    Maybe you can try this procedure:

    Please try the following steps to check the result:

    1) Go to Finder and type "startup" into the search box

    2) Open the STARTUP folder and choose Excel folder to check whether you can see the personal.xlsb or not.

    3) If it is available, then double click and open and restart Excel.

    By the way, please update your forum profile to reflect the current version of excel (Mac 365) that you now have.
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