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=CountIfs not working & making simple change

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    Exclamation =CountIfs not working & making simple change


    This is my formula. I want to count the cell that the text "outbound" is in, not the word 'outbound' but whenever I remove the "outbound" in the formula and replace it with "C4" which is the cell number/location, it thinks I mean the letter word value "C4". Any help here?

    Whenever I go online it just tells me to type in the cell location, but it doesn't work!

    Really appreciate some help - many thanks.

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    Re: =CountIfs not working & making simple change

    This is a duplicate thread. Continue with your other thread, where you already have 2 replies.


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    Re: =CountIfs not working & making simple change

    Administrative Note:

    Welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately, this is a duplicate thread, and you are allowed only ONE thread per issue here.

    Please see Forum Rule #5 about thread duplication.

    I am closing this thread, but you may continue here in the original thread
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