Ok, so I'll try to explain this as simply as possible:

I have a Google Form that dumps data into a Google Spreadsheet (let's call it MASTER). Each row, beginning with a timestamp in column A, has 11 data/columns, A-K.

I need to make individual spreadsheets with different visability options. These should be populated with only some of the data from MASTER. To give what might be helpful context, 4 of the columns in MASTER will each contain one of thirty names. The people with these names need to know that they have been selected as one of the four, and when they are selected, they need to know (almost) the rest of the data on the row in which they are selected.

Let's use example SMITH, an individual spreadsheet fed from MASTER. If "SMITH" appears on any row in columns F through I, SMITH needs to be populated with the data from A-E and J-K on that row but cannot be populated with F-I.

Note: Each individual sheet (e.g. SMITH) needs to update dynamically as MASTER is filled with more data from the form.

Thanks for your help.