I took the Excel 2010 Expert and Access 2010 Specialist tests last year and passed

  1. Whizbang
    I forgot to come back here and post. I took and passed the Excel Expert and Access tests last year. Obviously I can't comment on the actual test, other than to say that the GMetrix practice tests were very helpful, and I was able to walk in and out of the testing facility within 20 minutes for both tests with high scores.

    As for how useful they've been, I did manage to land a long-term contract after adding those certifications to my resume. I like to think that the certifications played a large role in the hiring decision. I will say it is nice to be able to tell people you are an expert in Excel and Access and back that statement up with a certification. I've done a couple of interviews for new jobs in the past week, and they all seemed very impressed with the certifications and took it as granted that I could handle any Excel challenges they might have, and the interviews turned instead to time management and people-skills questions.
  2. michaelwarne
    Hi Whiz-bang,

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