Email whole rows detail based on email address in Column M

  1. Wiggsy
    Evening all,

    Newbie here...

    I have a data log in excel which runs from column A - M with 150 rows. Each row has information relevant to the individual in column M in that row (Column M contains their email addy). I want to add a macro that will email the individual in cell M once column E selects 'Open - Assigned' from a drop-down list.

    This is not something I record in a macro so will need some help of one of you nice people with the VBA to work this. I want to try and avoid it sending the same email next time I open the workbook so not sure if it is better to configure a button for this? Anyway, one thing's for sure; I'm not likely to work this one out myself so please help!

    The embedded data is essentially a RAID log, For those who know what a RAID log is.

    Thanks in advance
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