Macro file didn't run when I use a latest version of my System to get the data.

  1. seanmanzanilla
    1st Excel File error
    Used to download data from new system, balances are not being updated even when macro shows "Macro run complete"

    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
    MsgBox "Macro run complete!", vbInformation, "Interbranch"

    End Function

    2nd Excel File Error

    used to download account transactions from new system when being run, an error prompts showing “Class not registered”.

    Error higlight this code

    Set Exl = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")
    Set Extra = CreateObject("PCOMM.autECLConnList")

    [IMG]C:\Users\seanm\OneDrive\Desktop\Macro Error.png[/IMG]
  2. Rayburn97
    When you say latest version of your system, do you mean you updated either windows or the version of office that you are using?
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