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NOT the USUAL vlookup and max/min functions - challenging question

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    NOT the USUAL vlookup and max/min functions - challenging question

    Hi all,
    this is not the usual question about Vlookup and Max/Min functions.

    I attach the file for reference. In column C I have some dates. Some of these are also present in column F, but not necessarily all of them. However, when present in column F the dates might have multiple entries (ie. they can repeat themselves).

    The dates in column F have assigned values in columns G and H for which I need to find, respectively, the Max and the Min (for the Min I need to exclude zero if Excel, by default, picks it up).

    The tricky aspect is that, before finding the max and min values, I need the dates in columns C and F to match.

    For the sake of clarity I have attached the file on which the second table shows the outcome I want to achieve, done manually.

    Thanks to everyone who will try to answer this (tough?) question.
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    Re: NOT the USUAL vlookup and max/min functions - challenging question

    This is the Introduction Forum where no questions should be posted. If you start a thread in any of the other sub-forums, Im sure it will not take long before your request will be solved there.

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