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HELP - IF cell contains certain word then copy row and paste on to another sheet

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    HELP - IF cell contains certain word then copy row and paste on to another sheet

    Hi guys,

    I've looked at various forums but not quite working out for me. I'm new to VBA and looking to do the following:

    Within a sheet called JAN, go down column H and for every item which has a status of "Deferred", copy that row up to column E and paste on to a sheet called DEFERRED TASKS and paste into the first empty cell within column A after cell A5 (so see if A5 is empty, if so paste the row there, else if it contains data in A5 already, then see if A6 is empty and if so paste the row into there etc).

    I would like it so that when they press a Macro button within sheet DEFERRED TASKS, it will scan through sheet JAN down column H, and look for all the rows containing a status of "Deferred", and copying the row up to column E. So effectively when you come to this DEFERRED TASKS page, you should be able to click a button and see all the tasks which have been deferred for the month of January.

    Ideally, for each tab (JAN/FEB/MAR/APR) etc, I am going to repeat so that when you press this button, it'll scan through all of JAN data and look for deferred tasks and paste into the DEFERRED TASKS page, and then scan through all of FEB and continue the pasting. It will also be great to know where the data came from (i.e. if the line was copied and pasted from JAN data, have the column on the right say JAN so that we know originally the data came from the January tab.

    Example sheet attached.

    Any assistance would be highly appreciated!!!!!

    Thanks guys

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    Hello scottkim87,

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