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Hello World

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    Hello World

    Hello world

    My current role is somewhere in the realm of DBA/Reporting/Forecasting

    I use Excel a lot ( I've convinced the company not to invest in BI tools like Tableau because I've proven I can do anything in Excel that the company would want done in Tableau )

    I did not receive actual training in Excel, thus the fundamentals are lost on me ( I learn as I go and frequently visit forums )
    - So my knowledge is scattered. I know how to do some VBA and how to string together Ifs/iserrors/vlookups/index/match/etc. but I do not know if what I am doing is most efficient.

    I generally work with large amounts of data that may be dynamic ( So 100k+ rows of calculated fields across dozens of columns )
    - This means I need to find efficiencies so that workbooks crash less often or load a few seconds quicker.

    Often times I encounter a scenario where I do not know how to do "X" under certain conditions and I know there HAS to be some way to do it ( maybe not as clean or as simple as I'd like but still doable )

    Examples include trying to find easier ways to introduce calculated fields in pivot tables that have stored data.
    - So I can do "Distinct Count" alongside calculated fields. ( I'm not asking for a solution here, I'll ask that question where it needs to be asked )

    I will enjoy working with you guys and I am eager to see what kind of "solutions" you have found

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    Hello #DIV/0!,

    Welcome to Excelforum. Be a part of large Excel community. Enjoy Learning.
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