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I need to club two column values and search with it to find duplicate values

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    I need to club two column values and search with it to find duplicate values

    Concatenate values from two different column and use that as range in match function without saving values in any other column

    I need to highlight values which are duplicate in two column values.

    Untitled picture.png

    I have below code which is working only for B column but not combining C column.

    Public Sub Validate1()
    CheckMaterialNumber "Sheet1", "B", "C", 3
    End Sub

    Public Sub CheckMaterialNumber(DestinationSheet As String, MaterialNumCol As
    String, PlantCol As String, startrow As Long)
    Dim EndRow As Long
    Dim row As Long
    EndRow = Worksheets(DestinationSheet).Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row

    For row = startrow To EndRow

    Dim EMaterilNumber As String
    EMaterilNumber = Worksheets(DestinationSheet).Range(MaterialNumCol & CStr(row)).Value

    Dim Tmatch As Long
    On Error Resume Next
    Tmatch = application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Worksheets(DestinationSheet).Range("B2:B" & EndRow), EMaterilNumber)

    If Tmatch > 1 Then
    Worksheets(DestinationSheet).Range(MaterialNumCol + CStr(row)).Interior.ColorIndex = 3
    Worksheets(DestinationSheet).Range(MaterialNumCol + CStr(row)).Interior.ColorIndex = 43
    End If

    Next row
    End Sub

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    Re: I need to club two column values and search with it to find duplicate values


    As you may be read description of this sub-forum - this one is solely to introduce yourself.

    So here I'd say: welcome to the forum. And that's it.

    With your merit question, please go to appropriate sub-forum. Look what sub-forums we have: http://www.excelforum.com/microsoft-...el-help-forum/ and post a new thread in one of them (the most appropriate one).
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