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Auto-populate from one sheet to another

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    Auto-populate from one sheet to another


    I'd like to start by apologizing if I don't explain myself correctly as this is my first time seeking help on a forum, and if I am not using the correct terms to Excel formulas and so on.

    I am making a spreadsheet for my church of things that we have set to get done and what we would like to get done as far as remodeling, stage designing, sound equipment, etc. I have a spreadsheet done of all things needed as shown below as Columns.
    | Product Name | Part # | Manufacturer | Uses | Quantity | Price |
    Speaker 625 Yamaha stage 2 $100
    Cone 12 Liona stage $20

    I want to make a separate list on a different TAB(Sheet) that from all the data or numbers added to the quantities list, to automatically add only as quantity is being added to that Row

    | Product Name | Part# | Manufacturer | Quantity |
    Speaker 625 Yamaha 2

    I have tried creating a Table of each category and creating a Pivot Table on new tab but have not been able to really get what I want from it. I don't know how to really handle that yet as I am still training on Pivots but I'd like some tips and tricks or a different way of getting this done. Is there an easier way? Please Help Me.
    Thanks in advance for your time
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