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Using a pivot table to display all the columns from the original table for the selected ro

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    Using a pivot table to display all the columns from the original table for the selected ro


    I have a spreadsheet that has 11 columns of information. The headings to the columns are : -

    Job Number, Project, Electrical eng, Mechanical Eng, Project Manager, Director, Status, Client, Contractor, and a few more columns

    Under the Electrical engineer we put the initials of the electrical engineer for each project. There are 4 electrical engineers in total
    Under the Mechanical Engineer we put the initials of the Mechanical engineer allocated to each project. There are 5 Mechanical engineers in total,
    Same for the Project managers, - we have 6 of these
    And same for the Directors,we have 2 of these.

    We then want to display on separate spreadsheets in the same workbook the jobs allocated to each electrical and mechanical engineer, each project manager and each director.

    We do not want to do any maths or calculations on the data. Just display all the fields for each job allocated to each engineer , Project manger and director in separate little tables.
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