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Hello, I am a seasonned Swiss user of Excel used to work around most of its bugs, but ....

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    Hello, I am a seasonned Swiss user of Excel used to work around most of its bugs, but ....

    Hello all,

    I have been a user of Windows since the time of Windows 3, long after I started using Visicalc on an Apple II, back when the dinosaurs were still roaming Switzerland!

    At that time, I had been trained as a Computer Audit Specialist by my first employer, a (then) "big-seven" audit firm. Besides evaluating internal and system controls (long before Sarbanes and Oxley turned the life of accountants and auditors into hell), the CAS was typically writing COBOL programs to poke into client sequential files! . To save some of the precious 16 or 32K memory of the mainframes of that time, spaghetti code using mostly GOTOs was the norm! . The good old times, like driving a Model T!

    Despite all its flaws and persistent bugs, I love Excel and have used it extensively throughout my career. In my former job as CFO of a Swiss based US public biotech company, I developped a full multicurrency and multi company accounting and reporting system under Excel and VBA, which allowed me to prepare all SEC 10-Q and 10-K filings on my own (except of course the text only parts). I would therefore describe myself as a seasonned user of this great tool (programing exclusively object-oriented, of course! ).

    As I said, I have been able so far to work around most Excel bugs, some of which I have known for years. This time though, I came accross a nut harder to crack then usual, and here I am, hoping for a fix which would keep me from having to reinstall Windows!

    Have a nice day!


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    Re: Hello, I am a seasonned Swiss user of Excel used to work around most of its bugs, but

    Welcome to the forum.
    I think people forget the word "THANK YOU!!!!" Do you still know it???

    There is a little star ( ADD REPUTATION ) below those person who helped you. Click it to say your "PRIVATE APPRECIATION TO THEIR EFFORT ON THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS "


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