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Good Morning Forum Friends!!!

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    Red face Good Morning Forum Friends!!!

    Hey there... My name is Jessica. I'm very new to the Excel world...but have somehow managed to create a few worksheets/workbooks to help me perform work tasks. I know there must be a way I can improve them so they are more efficient and time saving..that is the reason for me joining this forum! I unfortunately tend to get migraines daily and my guessing game with Excel and my computer seem to only make matters worse. I always tried figuring things out on my own but it's taking too long...and as we all know TIME IS MONEY!
    Anyways ..I just got married in August and I have two wonderful children, Angelo(6) & Jahnae(2). My family and I own 3 Furniture stores here in Vegas and our mom started from nothing and has built her business and reputation among others in this field. I can remember going to work as a kid and hated having to clean all the furniture haha....now I make sure its well taken cared for and looks presentable. We have made some mistakes and learned from them and have yet to learn A LOT along the way. I am the organizer/office manager of the family and I love it. My two brothers each tend to a store and work real hard. My goals to achieve and conquer from the Forum and other users helpful tips are to create the following ...
    1.in Excel, Easily calculate monthly commissions for sales (calculate tax/subtotal/commission total by continous invoice # and somehow start where left off for the next pay period.
    2. Create a Price Tag with a drop down list with alot of item numbers that will auto fill an area for Description, Dimensions/Measurements, Price, & Company.
    3. Some type of Cost Comparison Sheet for items sold by multiple furniture dealers
    4....I'm sure I'll come up with more along the way as we can all reach success but learning never ends!
    Thank You and I'm excited to help myself and my family with the help of those who do get along with computers and their softwares

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    Re: Good Morning Forum Friends!!!

    Welcome to the forum and nice intro.
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