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Best Monitor to Use for editting Word Document

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    Best Monitor to Use for editting Word Document

    Hello! I'm new here. I'm planning to by a second monitor and mainly going to use it as a word editor. I spent hours now searching in the interwebs looking for a good monitor and ending up confusing myself with all these monitor options (va, ips, tn, 144hz, response time.???). Some say ips is the best, some say it doesnt matter, it's confusing lmao. Sorry im not into tech stuff. Any tips

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    Re: Best Monitor to Use for editting Word Document

    Courtesy of TechRadar

    What's the difference between TN, VA and IPS panels?

    We put that question to Brett Barbour, VP at US monitor vendor, Viotek.

    Modern LCD monitors are made with different types of panels: IPS, TN or VA. Professionals in different fields may prefer one panel type over the other, because each panel type comes with their own strengths and weaknesses.

    There are plenty of articles out there that can give you a more complete rundown of the pros and cons of each panel type. We wonít go into detail here, for brevityís sake, check the table below.

    But Is It Really a Con? Not really. Unless youíre a professional eSports gamer, we contend that you wonít be sacrificing much by choosing a VA monitor. For general office work, call centers and standard business settings, a VA monitor is plenty fast with deep, rich colors that workers will enjoy experiencing.

    If youíre a graphic design firm or professional photography studio, you may prefer the color accuracy of an IPS monitor. But for now, if you want a curved monitor, VA panels are your only choice.

    Sounds like VA is the recommended solution for you.

    I guess you also need to decide on how much you want to spend. I usually do my initial research on Amazon. That might help you narrow down your options. You donít necessarily need to buy from them but it's a good way to make some comparisons.

    If you search Amazon for VA monitors, you can then filter on a number of factors. I'd start with your maximum price, maybe also minimum to cut out dross. Then maybe preferred brands, or known brands, like Dell and Samsung. Once you know what you can afford from a preferred brand, you can filter on, say, screen size, resolution and speed. Screen/resolution: bigger the better; speed: lower the better.
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