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Searchmask for Dictionary Database

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    Searchmask for Dictionary Database

    i have many dictionaries in one excel file. Each dictioanry is in a different workhsheet. Each dictinary has four coulmns. A) word B) phonetic C) Grammar D) Meanings

    Now i want a Searchmask which opens directly when i open the excel file. It should look for the word i type in search. It should look for that word in all worksheets and put the results in the corresponding page(refer to the attached image). If there are many results in one worksheet, the should be seperated by any signs and a new line ( ************ for example). The parts of the results from column B shoud be in one line, the results from column C in another and the meanings in the following lines.

    I am attaching an example file containing few worksheets and words and meanings.

    Thanks for each help and assistance in advance.
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    Hello Wali,

    I am going to move your thread to the Non-English Speaking Forum. I think you more likely to receive help there. It is difficult to provide a solution when don't know what you're looking at.

    Leith Ross

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