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VBA to Change all Red font to ;;; making it invisible

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    VBA to Change all Red font to ;;; making it invisible

    Hi I've lost my code I used to use for VBA excel which found all text in red font (255) and change the number format to ;;; making it invisible

    Please can someone help me and post a code that would work?

    Id need it to search my current work tab (I don't use more than 1 tab on each of my quotation templates, at work)

    This is very handy for me, as there can be multiple pages and when I set a shortcut for this to run with pdf and email its saves me hours of time

    Thank you

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    Re: VBA to Change all Red font to ;;; making it invisible

    Here is a method of changing the font color (if red) to the background color ... effectively making it invisible.

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