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Links to Word are slow and unreliable

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    Links to Word are slow and unreliable

    I have a multi-tab worksheet that feeds a report in Word. The report is long, 37 pages, with multiple links, probably over 100—I never counted them. There are two kinds of links, charts and the results of formulas contained in cells. We created them using paste as link, original formatting. We have gone through several versions of the worksheet-document combination over different versions of office—we’re now using Office 365—and, because, as we added more calculations to the workbook, the Word document began taking longer and longer to load. We decided to break the report into sections. Right now, we have six sections with between 15 and 20 links each. To create the actual report, we paste the contents of the six updated Word documents (the sections) into a new document and then break the links, so that the report remains stable.

    There are two problems. The first is that each of the sections takes between 5-to-10 minutes to load, even if we open it without updating the links. Updating the links takes another 5-to-10-minutes per section. The second is that not all of the links update correctly. What started happening is that instead of updating the calculated cells, the link brings over the cell above it or it will bring over an empty table. As a result we have to spend a great deal of time correcting the final report.

    If we have to, we can live with the amount of time it takes to update the links—I just learned that switching the links to manual update will allow the sections to open quickly although they still take 5-to-10 minutes per section to update once they’re manually updated—but is there any way to ensure that the link update correctly?


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