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OneDrive URL location

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    OneDrive URL location

    You have always been the place to go when I needed help with something, this is a bit different but here we go.

    I am currently doing a project with a directory that has about 100 pictures in it, they are all in a OneDrive Professional folder of mine. I want to be able to share the URL with the customer but in order to do that i need to "Left click on the image", Choose "Share", then click the "Copy Link" button, Click "Copy URL" and then Paste it for the company to get.

    Not a big deal for 5 images.... but i will soon have 1,000s. Not so fun.......

    I was envisioning a detail view of File Explorer that shows the Name, the date, the type, the size, tags, then then....... OneDrive Share URL...........

    Does this exist????/ anyone????

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: OneDrive URL location

    Just go to the Microsoft office site.

    Login with your id and password.

    Click on right tab on site.

    Click on Ondrive.

    you will get.

    I have another information for you also.

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    How to Get office login Online.

    Step 1* Go to the Microsoft Official site and create new account at Microsoft .If unable, Take help of support executive to make account.
    Step 2* Get username and password.
    Step 3* Do office login with user name and password to access the office.
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