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ODBC setup on Windows 10

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    ODBC setup on Windows 10

    Evening all,

    We have just moved over to Office 365 on Windows 10 Enterprise 64Bit and have had an absolute nightmare getting ODBC setup and functioning on these machines. I will add I have had very little to do with this as the machines are locked down and only admins can sort these things out.

    After a good few weeks of them messing around they finally got it all setup and functioning within Excel.

    Basically we are pulling data from our live stock system into a friendly environment such as Excel to create reports or run sheets.

    The only outstanding issue they are having is that when you first start up a sheet and request the pull of data the user is prompted to select the Machine Data Source, followed by the login details for the source. You mearly need to click OK on each instance, however we would prefer it if this prompt does not appear as a user can easily screw up the login details for the machine. (See attached pics)

    So is there anyway to stop these prompts? This was never an issue on the Win 7 machines, I know that from what they said a lot of the issues were because the machines are now 64bit, whereas we use to use 32bit machines. (Driver issues)

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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