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Dynamic link dependent on cell contents

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    Post Dynamic link dependent on cell contents

    I don't know if this is possible, and I know exactly what I want to happen so:

    I have a "Target Sheet" in my Office 365 for each student I tutor.
    Every 3 months I need to carry out a review on each learner on a worksheet "Progress Review", and want to pull data from their Target Sheet into the Progress Review.

    Simple enough - open both sheets, type "=" in the cell of the destination sheet, click on source cell, hit return.

    This is where I now fall down.

    On the Progress Review I have a cell that I want to enter their name (as seen in the name of their Target Sheet), and I want this "name" to dynamically change in the link

    So my process for creating a new Progress Review would be to open the blank version, type their name in A1 and the link in A2 changes from
    ='[Darryl Burge TS.xlsx]Learning Targets '!$C$14
    ='[Darryl Burgeabcdef TS.xlsx]Learning Targets '!$C$14
    If I type Darryl Burgeabcdef into A1

    I am wanting to be able to do this as I have a lot of random data I need to bring across, and rather than link every cell individually I want to set up every cell linked, and all I need to do is enter their name in A1 and ALL of the links are altered.

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    Re: Dynamic link dependent on cell contents

    Hi there,

    I think it's not really possible to offer a meaningful solution without sight of your workbook. You can insert dummy student names etc before posting it.


    Greg M

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    Re: Dynamic link dependent on cell contents

    I have attached a segment of the Progress Review (PR), which is linked to the whole of the Target Sheet (TS)that is on our SharePoint / Office365 online area.

    However, there is only a finite amount of data that I want to pull down from the TS onto the PR. Then, when the data is on the PR I am going to write formulaus to manipulate the data further to pre-fill boxes with data (which I am able to carry out).

    However, what I was wondering was if there was a way of writing a formula where, in this case, "Darryl Burge" and "Curtis Ferrin" are manual entries in a cell (A1 and B1) so the following link:

    prostarttraining.sharepoint.com/sites/DarrylBurgeAssessmentPortal/Shared Documents/Darryl Burge Live Portfolios/Curtis Ferrin/04. Targets and progress/[Curtis Ferrin TS.xlsx]Learning Targets '!B9

    might be seen as:

    prostarttraining.sharepoint.com/sites/$A$1AssessmentPortal/Shared Documents/$A$1 Live Portfolios/$B$1/04. Targets and progress/[$B$1 TS.xlsx]Learning Targets '!B9

    this would mean that if I changed the contents of A1 and B1 to "James Bond" and "Ernst Stavro Blofeld" my new PR would be pointing to Ernst's TS in James Bonds work area.
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