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Series Fill problem

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    Series Fill problem

    Hi All, I hope all are safe from Covid-19.
    I can't figure how to series fill non-numeric data.
    I tried to series fill the alphabet both vertically and horizontally but the fill handle only copies the data. It works fine for numbers.
    Is there a setting I can adjust somewhere.
    Any help appreciated.

    Keep Safe
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    Re: Series Fill problem

    You need to create a custom lis
    Your profile says you're using Excel 2003 but your attachment is from a later version. As we don't know what version you're using the guide below may not be exact for you but it works this way in Excel 365.
    1) File / Options / Advanced
    2) Scroll down and click on the "Edit Custom Lists" button.
    3) From there you can either specify the list by typing it out or create a list from a range in the workbook.

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Series Fill problem

    You could use this formula in your first cell:


    then copy it down. If the cell is in an even-numbered row, then you won't need the -1 part.

    If you want to copy it across, use COLUMN rather than ROW.

    If you want lower case letters, use 97 instead of 65.

    Hope this helps.


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