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Replace multiple entries

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    Replace multiple entries


    We went from Access databases (and in the minds of the suits) "upgraded" to Excel. I have used Excel frequently, but my work was essentially in Access.

    So please bear with me - I have a worksheet with 1000's of entries in column A.
    They are all numbers.

    I want to replace the them with a text string.

    For Example Column A = 12345 I want to replace with AGHJK

    There are roughly 40 unique numbers in column A.

    In Access - I would probably use a Select Case, but in Excel it looks like I either need a macro - which I could probably do a Find and Replace for each individual number or write some code.

    I am not familiar how to write this code.

    I also have a tab with Column A = the number Column B the text

    Array? I know what it is but not how to use it.

    Any direction for this?

    Thankfully I am retiring in a year or so.

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    Re: Replace multiple entries

    Fast answers need visual help. Please read the yellow banner at the top of this page on how to attach a file and a mocked up solution.

    Change an Ugly Report with Power Query
    Database Normalization
    Complete Guide to Power Query
    Man's Mind Stretched to New Dimensions Never Returns to Its Original Form

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