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monitoring email replies

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    monitoring email replies

    Hi all,

    Many thanks fro your help on previous issues, however I have another.

    I have emailed 1392 governement depts asking for some foi reqeusted data. I got the databases online and about 80 - 90 of the emails have now been acknowledged with the remainder having incorrect or out of date email addresses so all is good as thats well enough do do the work.

    So, I'm having trouble trying to export the content of the emails in order to cross match them with the sent to and recd from email addresses. Each (most of) acknowledgements have a unique foi request number in their subject line. Once all the emails are back I thought that sort the list be request number would be the easiest way to monitor who has acknowledged, then replied and obviously the data can go into the respective columns for analysis

    I've tried exporting the list as csv, exporting as text and grabbing that data through a query, saving the emails as a list but nothing is getting me exactly what I want with either not enough data or far far too much which is then unable to fit on one sheet (I think thats down to it including the body of the text but I maybe wrong)

    So ideally what I want exporting from outlook is the sender and the subject line which will enable me to use the same sheet for when the data starts to arrive

    I've attached a small selection of my contact list and also a brief oultline of what I need together with the results from outlook which I dont think is complex at all I just cant get the correct results, although I've had everything but.
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