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Rule to save attachments to specific folders depending on attachment file name

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    Rule to save attachments to specific folders depending on attachment file name


    I have a coworker who needs to save attachments into correct folders about 60-70 times per day. More specifically, people are going to be scanning files to her email address throughout the day with a standard file name that includes the date and the truck number (each truck will have its own folder); something along the lines of "mm_dd_yy_####.pdf". For each file, those last four numbers will correspond to the folder name in which we'd like to save the file.

    I have some experience recording and rewriting macros in Excel, but I've never done anything like that in outlook. Any thoughts on how to approach this?

    Oh, one more note: When I say save into folders, I'm referring to locations on the desktop or documents folders, not outlook folders.

    Thanks for your time.
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