Hi All

Grade 1 rookie at VBA

In OL 2010 Quicksteps performs a mulitask for me with email that is brilliant. With one click I can: Flag the email, categorize it, and move to another folder (out of my inbox)
In Outlook 2007 however, this cannot be done 'out of the box'.

So, I have tried to emulate the 2010 functionality via a macro in OL2007. I have searched endlessly and can only muster the following:

Public Sub SetCustomFlag()
Dim objMsg As Object
Dim Item As MailItem

'opens the category dialog
Set Item = Outlook.Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection.Item(1)

'Runs function in Module 1 to fetch selected item
Set objMsg = GetCurrentItem()

With objMsg

' sets follow up flag start date
.MarkAsTask olMarkTomorrow

End With
Set objMsg = Nothing
End Sub

This macro will flag (Tomorrow) and open up the category dialogue box for me to categorize ad hoc.
I am looking for code that completes my macro; code that will then move my categorised email to the appropriate subfolder.

Help with this would be much appreciated