This may not be the right place for this question but i cannot figure out where else to ask the question.

I have a need to provide the following functionality from outlook

1. Allow a user to "show time slots as available for appointments
2. Allow other users to create appointments within that 'available time slot" from within some type of custom form to capture the necessary data
3. Use a webservice (I am guessing) process to update an external back end database with the appointment details
4 Provide update options for the appointment, recording changes in the back end database as well.

It looks like I could try this as a macro style solution or build "an add-in" for outlook

I would appreciate any advice on whether this is achievable, whch might be the better option and a guess as to complexity level of the task.

I do have some reasonable experience in VBA in the Excel world but have never (ever) tried to do any Outlook programming.

Thanks in advance