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Attachments Collection

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    Attachments Collection


    I am automating the saving of e-mails and their attachments.

    One thing I have came across is that the attachments collection includes embedded things (images for example). I've seen a couple of ways of handling this:

    check the file extension
    check the file size
    use the proptag to determine real attachments

    However, neither work for me because I only want to exclude signature images. I've seen signature logos that are bigger than some of our PDF files. If an e-mail contains an actual inline image that is part of the content of the e-mail (a screenshot for example), that should be included in the attachments collection. If any image is actually properly attached, that too should be included in the attachments collection.

    We deal with technical drawings and they could equally be embedded or attached. Is this possible?


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    Re: Attachments Collection

    This one could be tough.

    note, embedded images have CID/ContentIDs so filtering down to just the last embedded images using the MailItem.HTMLBody and Attachment.PropertyAccessor should be doable
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    (you might even be able to squeeze out how close the image is to a Sender/To/CC name within the body relative to the size of the body)

    the next question I'd have is how/where are you saving your archive copies? in a database, pst file, msg/html files with attachments in a folder, ...
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