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Exporting calendar from Excel to Outlook

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    Exporting calendar from Excel to Outlook

    Hi Guys

    I'm what you would call an VBA novice, and thus in need of your help. I need a piece of code that will export appointments (shifts) from excel into my Outlook calendar. So far, I've managed to write something that exports what I need, but I can't work out how to schedule it to the correct start and end times. The piece of code I have so far just places the shifts at 00:00 because i haven't defined start and end time because I don't know how.

    The code I have is:

    Option Explicit

    Sub CalendarExport()
    Dim oOL As Outlook.Application, oAppoint As Outlook.AppointmentItem
    Dim oWS As Worksheet, r As Long, i As Long, sStart As String
    Set oWS = Sheet1
    r = oWS.Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Rows.Count
    Set oOL = New Outlook.Application
    For i = 2 To r
    Set oAppoint = oOL.CreateItem(olAppointmentItem)
    With oAppoint
    sStart = oWS.Cells(i, 2)
    sStart = Left(sStart, Len(sStart) - 4) & Year(Date)
    .Start = CD(sStart)
    .Subject = oWS.Cells(i, 1)
    .Location = "Power Ops"
    .MeetingStatus = olNonMeeting
    .ReminderSet = True
    End With
    Next i
    Set oOL = Nothing
    End Sub

    Help of any kind would greatly be appreciated. I have attached the workbook as an example of what I'm trying to accomplish.
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