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Get more than one inbox from MAPI

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    Get more than one inbox from MAPI

    Hi there,

    Is there a way to get more than one inbox from MAPI?
    Currently I am able to get my inbox. I would like to have both the sent items and the inbox as well?

    Dim objNS As Outlook.NameSpace, objFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder, objResItem As Object, objMail As MailItem, objResendMail As MailItem, olFldrItms As Items
    Set objNS = GetNamespace("MAPI")
    Set objFolder = objNS.Folders.Item("xxxxxxxx").Folders("Inbox") ' folders of your current account

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    Re: Get more than one inbox from MAPI

    of course you can. the folders collection has everything in it that you need. including the names of all the folders of the default profile I believe. however, if you have more than PST profile sitting in your outlook application, you might have to choose the appropriate index to get to the folders you need.

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