Hey guys,

I need access to the function of the Windows-Startmenu-Run-'Application' via VBA.

My ERP System provides a function within Windows (i guess in Registry, but I Don't know), so i can call a ERP-Behavior using the RUN-'Application' in Windows (WIN+R).
The command is just a String, no executable File!!!

I read several code examples, they use Process.Start() with vba. But I cant find out how I get access to a library for that class(?).

With C#, it is possible to execute my String with System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(String). I tried to import the System.Diagnostics.Process.dll as library in VBA- but it does not work.

Another way could be to get access to the Windows-RUN-'Application'. But I dont know how.

I am able to open the RUN-window and fill in my String.. .and confirm it... but thats not good i guess.

Any ideas? I would love any helpful hints <3