Hi all. Hope everybody is well

I have an issue with some inbound emails and I was hoping someone could help me please. I've done a search here but couldn't find anything for this particular problem.

A bit of background info on the issue. I deal with a mailbox where emails arrive from a previous step in our overall business process. The process takes certain emails and attaches them to a new email, that then gets sent to the mailbox I monitor. So, when they arrive in the inbox they look like an email with an attachment normally would, but the attachment is actually another email as opposed to a document or photo etc. I have to then double click each "attachment" to open the attached email, then move it to another folder by using the move function for further manual processing. We get hundreds of these so you can imagine how much of a pain that is.

Essentially I 'm looking for a Macro I can run over the inbox that would open these attached emails, and move them to the specified folder. Any help with this would be really appreciated!

Thanks a lot,