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Highlight negative numbers in PPT (Text box)

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    Highlight negative numbers in PPT (Text box)

    Hi Everyone,
    I have written a code where it highlights the text (Negative numbers) as per the Input Box. But my code is highlighting the whole text box but i need to highlight only 1 line irrespective of length of 1 line.
    For Example :
    Line1: -100$ product
    Line2: +200$ product
    Line3: +300$ product
    Line4: -200$ product
    In this case i need to highlight the Line 1&4. Can anyone please help me in solving that? Below is the code.

    #Sub redcolor1()
    Dim SlideNo As Slide, AllShape As Shape, RowCnt As Integer, ColCnt As Integer
    Dim nega As String
    nega = InputBox("Input the sign of negative no's to be formatted [- or (]")
    For Each SlideNo In ActivePresentation.Slides
    For Each AllShape In SlideNo.Shapes
    If AllShape.Type = msoTextBox Then
    'For RowCnt = 1 To AllShape.Table.Rows.Count
    'For ColCnt = 1 To AllShape.Table.Columns.Count
    'AllShape.Table.Cell(RowCnt, ColCnt).Shape.TextFrame.TextRange.Font.Name = "Corbel"
    'AllShape.Table.Cell(RowCnt, ColCnt).Shape.TextFrame.TextRange.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = ppAlignCenter
    'AllShape.Table.Cell(RowCnt, ColCnt).Shape.TextFrame.VerticalAnchor = msoAnchorMiddle
    If Left(AllShape.TextFrame.TextRange, 1) = nega Then
    AllShape.TextFrame.TextRange.Font.Color.RGB = RGB(255, 0, 0)
    End If
    'Next ColCnt
    'Next RowCnt
    End If
    Next AllShape
    Next SlideNo
    End Sub#

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    Re: Highlight negative numbers in PPT (Text box)

    Welcome to the Forum, unfortunately this is a duplicate post and as such will now be closed, you may continue in your other thread.

    Thread Closed.

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