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slow moving text across screen

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    slow moving text across screen

    I have been making powerpoint movies for my wife each Christmas featuring pictures, captions and videos of her and my son from through out the year. last year I chose a Star Wars theme and used a star wars opening crawl creator to give the beginning a "movie effect". it went very very well.

    This year I was thinking about an opening similar to the original Terminator movie from 1984 where the word Terminaotr scrolls across the screen from both sides of the screen then moves away rom the front. You'd have to have seen this opening to know if there is an aswer ti my actual question in powerpoint is there a way to set up custom titles to perform like that movie opening in powerpoint 2010?

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    Re: slow moving text across screen

    what you are after should be animation > motion path
    change it from default top down to left right or right left

    have the text outside of the sheet and "motion" it left to right or right to left accordingly
    set duration to roughly 15 seconds

    set both triggered with previous so it automatically starts at the same time
    if you want to offset one then you can add extra delay

    ps had to zip the file to be able to upload it
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