Hi all,

Is there any way to automate the copying and pasting of selected powerpoint slides via macro/vba? I have a master deck of 100 slides, however only selected slides are required to be paste into a new clean deck. Is there any way to copy the slides based on an array search on specific key words (e.g. Title, Content). And based on the selected phrase/title the specific slides will be extracted out and paste into a new deck. The search should based on keywords and not on slide numbers as the slides grows over time..

I will require the input from two different source to create a new deck.

e.g. DeckA (100 slides) / DeckB (20 Slides)

DeckC (New slides created based on extraction of selected slides from Deck A followed by Deck B). The new deck (output) created should be in proper slides sequence.

Thank you!