Dear Team

I created a code for rotating the shape. I am having two lines ( L1 & L2) and the ON/OFF button.

When I press the button to ON condition my L1 (Line 1, Line 2 & Line 3) color will change to red and Line 2 angle change to 0deg and also Motor is rotating at 0.02 ratio.​

At present, the above condition is working properly.

But I want once it is started after 3 second L1 go-to black color and L2 shout change to red color and the motor should rotate at 0.05 ratio.

My code is

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once turned the button to OFF all the lines to be go-to black color.

The same was posted on

But till now there is no reply from anybody. So I am re-posting here again. Can anyone please help me with how to do this?

My pptm file not able to attach here. You can download the file from above provided the link