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help with me change Proofing language macro

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    help with me change Proofing language macro

    Hi all,

    simply i got a code to change proofing language to all slides for my presentation from English to Arabic, but i found that there are some shapes and tables are excluded from macro and still English as it is

    the code is:

    Sub ChangeProofingLanguageToArabic()

    Dim j, k, m, scount, fcount, gcount As Integer
    scount = ActivePresentation.Slides.Count
    For j = 1 To scount
    fcount = ActivePresentation.Slides(j).Shapes.Count
    For k = 1 To fcount
    If ActivePresentation.Slides(j).Shapes(k).HasTextFrame Then
    ActivePresentation.Slides(j).Shapes(k) _
    .TextFrame.TextRange.LanguageID = msoLanguageIDArabic
    End If
    If ActivePresentation.Slides(j).Shapes(k).Type = msoGroup Then
    gcount = ActivePresentation.Slides(j).Shapes(k).GroupItems.Count
    For m = 1 To gcount
    If ActivePresentation.Slides(j).Shapes(k).GroupItems.Item(m).HasTextFrame Then
    ActivePresentation.Slides(j).Shapes(k).GroupItems.Item(m) _
    .TextFrame.TextRange.LanguageID = msoLanguageIDArabic
    End If
    Next m
    End If
    Next k
    Next j
    End Sub
    and i attached a sample pptx file that i'm working on, and this are the shapes i'm talking about on file

    ONE MORE THING, i want this code to exclude numbers and english words from being changed to arabic and stay as it is on english , with other words i need macro to apply arabic langaue to arabic words only


    Cross posting link: http://www.vbaexpress.com/forum/show...397#post341397

    thanks in advance

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