I have a PPT file in which text is stored partially in normal text boxes and partially in shapes (these shapes are displayed using animations, and are used to simulate windows which open when the user clicks a button).

I've tried a number of ways to export text, but it usually only exports the text in the slides without the text in the shapes.

I need a macro to export all the text in the PPT, including shapes, to a Word document, keeping basic formatting (bold, italic), and labelling the text: for each slide, its number, and for each shape the name of the shape.

For example, if slide number 1 contains the text "Hello world" and a box named "Rectangle1" with the text "Hi there", the exported file should look like this:

Hello world

Rectangle1: Hi there
... and so on for each slide.

I know I'm asking a lot, but is this doable at all?

Thank you in advance,