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Excel unit ranges to ppt does not paste correctly

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    Excel unit ranges to ppt does not paste correctly

    I have a excelsheet with loads of data that is filtered, sorted och then two ranges are combined using union. Thesee ranges, a header and chart is the copied to a ppt.
    After this is done the script should look fot the next part of the table and union then puts the main categories with the new content together in a range and is pasted to a ppt with the new header and a new graph.

    Everything works fine except that for some reason, the range that I pass to the ppt does not only take the new range, it takes the new with the old one and pastes it into the ppt.

    When I use the immidiate window and just paste the range into a blank excel it looks right. But for some reason it does not takes the old and new range. For every loop this range just gets larger and larger.

    Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    A part of my code:

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    Re: Excel unit ranges to ppt does not paste correctly

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