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Center-align picture objects with existing shape objects on all slides? Looking for help

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    Center-align picture objects with existing shape objects on all slides? Looking for help

    See the attached deck. This is what the finished product should look like. Decks can be up to 350 slides.

    The chart/table combos are picture objects that are sometimes placed in random positions on the slide template. Those picture objects need to be aligned with the rectangle shape object on each slide.

    My goal is to automate the alignment of the picture objects with the shape objects. I have code that correctly gets the job done...for about 60% of the slides. Something is going awry for the other 40% and I don't know what it is.

    Any guidance would be hugely appreciated!!

    Need a macro that will:

    For every slide in presentation
    IF Rectangle 2 is on the RIGHT SIDE of slide, align Picture 2 with MIDDLE of Rectangle 2 WITHOUT REPOSITIONING RECTANGLE 2
    I already wrote the code for this piece, cleaned up and perfected by John Wilson. See code snippet below

    IF Rectangle 2 is at the BOTTOM of the slide, align VERTICAL CENTERS of Rectangle 2 and Picture 2 WITHOUT REPOSITIONING RECTANGLE 2
    In either scenario, need the macro to put a (somewhat) uniform amount of space between Picture 2 and Rectangle 2

    Alignment example PPT.JPG

    Existing code that takes care of the 1st scenario (where Rectangle 2 is on the right side of the slide):

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