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compromised website

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    compromised website

    Can't access site from work since our security tools block this site as a "compromised website".

    Why is that? Are the site admin here aware of this?

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    Re: compromised website

    Yes, it's been like that for months - they don't seem interested in fixing it though

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    Re: compromised website

    Hi nedezero
    Quote Originally Posted by nedezero View Post
    .....Are the site admin here aware of this?
    see also
    '_- Google first, like this _ site:ExcelForum.com Gamut
    Use Code Tags: Highlight code; click on the # icon above,
    Post screenshots COPYABLE to a Spredsheet; NOT IMAGES PLEASE
    http://excelmatters.com/excel-forums/ ( Scrolll down to bottom )

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